Your digital workplace – Unleashing potential – Anywhere!

Apr 30, 2021 3 min read
Your digital workplace – Unleashing potential – Anywhere!

The working world has changed, and now? Working from anywhere will remain the trend. Companies need to embrace this new way of working and are transforming from simply supporting remote work to becoming secure, distributed anywhere-organizations. The complete digital workplace is more important than ever, bridging the gap between your employees in the office - at home - and everywhere in between.

VMware Anywhere Workspace - A modern approach for a modern workforce

The way forward is through an Anywhere Workspace solution. Build trust, reduce silos and disparate tools, securely connect, protect and optimize employees - VMware offers a holistic solution to seamlessly manage increasingly distributed work from anywhere.

VMware Anywhere Workspace brings together the industry-leading technologies of VMware Workspace ONE, VMware SASE and VMware Carbon Black. By integrating these solutions, organizations can manage multi-modal employee experiences, enable broader and better security, and automate the workspace.

On May 5th and 6th, VMware wants to share its vision and invites you to attend the free online event - Leading Chance: Build Trust with the Anywhere Workspace. Hear from customers and industry experts on how businesses are embracing the new normality and transforming into secure Anywhere Workspace organizations.

Please join us to hear leaders discussing how organizations can embrace the new way of working and transform into secure, anywhere organizations.

Workspace One Intelligence REST APIs client for Node.js

If you did not understand the title don’t worry: You just need to know that Mobinergy created a connector to leverage Workspace ONE Intelligence with your 3rd part applications created with Node.js. Ask your Workspace ONE administrator about it - he may be surprised.

If you understood the title, then great! You understood already that Mobinergy has lifted a technical barrier through a set of APIs that are absolute gems for developers and IT managers who want to make the best out of Workspace ONE Intelligence with their apps created with Node.js.

Even better, these APIs are documented and available for free via our Github repository ( to the Workspace ONE community. If you have any questions about Workspace ONE Intelligence and these APIs, please feel free to contact us directly: Mobinergy is your partner for any Workspace ONE and Workspace ONE Intelligence design deployment support training request in UK France and Germany.

Mobinergy Green Team turn into Lookout Elite

Mobinergy is now a Lookout Elite Partner! We are very proud to be one of the few European companies to receive this highest level of partnership. We thank Lookout for their recognition and confidence in Mobinergy's ability to work with Lookout to deliver secure and full-fledged Digital Workplace solutions.

With the acquisition of CipherCloud, the endpoint security specialist Lookout has expanded its portfolio to provide seamless mobile data protection from the endpoint to the cloud. In the course of this, the partner programme was also adapted to open up new perspectives for the digital transformation for the channel.

For most companies, this is clear: a large part of the workforce will continue to work remotely in the future. Securely from endpoint to cloud - this will thus remain one of the most important IT priorities. Use Lookout's integrated solution together with our expertise to avoid friction losses and high operating costs of siloed isolated solutions and increase usability and convenience.

Mobinergy introduces: Florian - UEM Consultant

Florian joined Mobinergy in 2020 and is a valued member of the Green Team. As an IT Consultant in the field of enterprise environments, he was able to gain a lot of experience and developed into an expert for mobile devices.

In addition to supporting our customers' UEM environments, Florian also takes care on Mobinergy's internal environment. His main focus, however, is on Windows 10 Modern Management. He is passionate about working his way into new and interesting technical details in order to always provide our customers with the best possible solution.

Florian is an IT expert all along the line. Server and desktop virtualization are no problem for him, as is managing mobile devices and laptops with Workspace ONE. He is the silent killer for all unsolvable IT problems.

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