The digital workplace – News from the team of experts

Oct 11, 2021 3 min read
The digital workplace – News from the team of experts

We are back, refreshed and full of energy. With this fall issue, we give you a glimpse behind the doors of Mobinergy. What's new? What have we worked on and achieved in recent weeks around the Digital Workspace? The Green Team is constantly on the lookout for the best solutions for your workplace.

Learning Chrome OS the fun way?

Ready to take your Chromebook adoption to the next level? "Simplify Change" has partnered with Mobinergy to create a fun and unique learning experience. It helps your employees get familiar with Google Chrome OS and brings learning to life.

From home to Chrome is an entertaining, interactive game that helps you and your team introduce Chromebooks. An effective concept that doesn't take a boring standard training approach, but adds fun and education to the learning experience.

Let Lucy & Thomas guide you through best practices for using your new Google devices in a gamified workshop. The "From home to Chrome" gamification is a simple and profitable solution to faster Chromebook adoption. For more information, visit our website.

Finally we can announce it - We have a new VMware Instructor in our team

VMware Certified Instructor - from Zero to Hero! Not just a slogan, but pure reality - not only for interested parties, but also for our colleague, Tobias Kiesenbauer. In various roles, starting as an administrator, after a short time as a consultant and architect and finally as a certified VMware trainer, our colleague provides hands-on training on VMware solutions for the digital workspace.

Training for everyone? No matter if you are a complete beginner or advanced - we cover the needs of our customers with individual trainings from VMware. The VMware catalog offers various trainings in this area, e.g. Workspace ONE Bootcamp, Advanced Integration, Windows 10 Management and many more.

Have we aroused your interest? If you would like to benefit from our training know-how, please feel free to contact us! We are proud of your achievement, Tobias, and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on becoming a "VMware Certified Instructor (VCI)".

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Mobinergy introduces: Kevin - Sales Account Manager

Kevin has taken over the role of Sales Account Manager in our team since June 2021. He enriches our company with his sales and account management experience and will be responsible for the further development of the sales department in the future.

He will be able to contribute his knowledge from his previous activities in the fields of advertising materials and IT hardware. His goal is to strengthen Mobinergy's existing relationships with customers and partners and to build new relationships. Full throttle is not only his motto on the motorcycle.

He enjoys spending his free time playing sports in nature and has been playing American Football for several years. Kevin is a dancing team player - his incredibly down-to-earth, friendly and experienced manner makes him an asset to the Green team all along the line.

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