Your digital workplace – From trend to standard

Jun 1, 2021 3 min read
Your digital workplace – From trend to standard

Even the hardcore traditionalists should be aware by now: The transformation in the working world is no longer just a vision, it is reality. For most companies, the last few months have forced a proof of concept for mobile working and shown that productive work does not necessarily need an office. However, in order to use and develop the enormous opportunities and possibilities of this development in the long term, you always need the courage to break new ground, in addition to the necessary openness. Count on us.

2021 is the Year of Chrome OS – simplified by Mobinergy

With more than 30 million Chromebooks sold worldwide in 2020 and a very fast growth, 2021 is the year of Chrome OS when Google may weight 20% or more of the PC market. The Education segment was the first mass adopter, but the Enterprise world is now adopting Chrome OS, and Europe is picking up fast.

Why? The Total Cost of Ownership is excellent, the user experience is great and Google, together with VMware, offers the ability to easily manage Chrome devices by Workspace ONE. With the right combination of process and technology, Chromebooks can become a viable option in your organization.

Mobinergy is one of the few Google partners in EMEA focused on Services for Chrome OS and we are currently involved in a whole series of small and large Chrome OS projects. Whatever your question, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to share our experience in POCs, Design, Deployment and Change Management around Chrome OS.

A part of Microsoft is silently dying

Windows CE has been THE favoured operating system for rugged devices for many years, but it is about to be turned off. Version 6.5 has already reached the end of support in 2020 and its version 7 will know the same fate in 2023. It means that this OS will not receive any more technical support, security updates and patches from Microsoft.

At Mobinergy, we see that as a clear opportunity to leave a legacy OS for rugged devices, move to Android or iOS and start managing rugged devices with the rest of your fleet, using VMware Workspace ONE.

Mobinergy has an extensive experience in rugged device management with VMware Workspace ONE and will always be here to help you design build and run the best management services for your business.

Exodus – a look behind the scenes

You've probably heard of Exodus, our migration tool that helps you migrate mobile devices with a simplified process - whether you want to change the UEM provider or move your on-premise installation to the cloud. But who is behind the name Exodus? As Product Manager, Yann Hermouet plays a key role in the success of Exodus.

Yann is the guardian of the Exodus roadmap. Supported by a team of skilled developers, he drives the development with a lot of creativity, dedication and conviction. Together with the Professional Services team, he also ensures a flawless execution of our customers MDM/EMM/UEM migration projects.

If you have a feature request for Exodus to help a device migration, or just want to chat about MDM/EMM/UEM migrations,  Yann Hermouet is the man to talk to. Are you a partner and want to resell the solution?

Mobinergy introduces: Emil – CTO, Co-Founder and UEM Missionary

Combine creativity, entrepreneurship, skill and vision and you get a jack-of-all-trades with a huge passion for technology and communication. Emil loves complex technical challenges and his focus is entirely on delivering top-class solutions and services for the digital workplace to make our customers successful.

5 years at AirWatch and later at VMware Germany: Emil introduced AirWatch EMM solutions and the Workspace ONE platform to the largest enterprise customers in Europe and the Middle East.

Then in 2016, together with two other AirWatch and VMware employees, he laid the foundation for today's Mobinergy.

Emil is a cosmopolitan. He enjoys bringing people together from different countries, with different skills and life stories, and helping them to combine and use their differences to achieve extraordinary results. Emil has a talent for making complex things simple and his motto is always: Do more with less.

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