Onboarding at Mobinergy - our colleague gives insight

Sep 29, 2021 2 min read
Onboarding at Mobinergy - our colleague gives insight

What do you think? Does Mobinergy also offer its own employees a Digital Workplace to help everyone work more securely and productively on any device, with any app and in any location? Since I have only been on board since May, I will give you a glimpse behind the scenes from onboarding to today.

At Mobinergy, we use VMware Workspace One integrated with Workspace One Access and OKTA for Single Sign On (SSO).

The combination of high user-friendliness for the user on the one hand, without sacrificing the highest level of security for sensitive company data on all devices on the other hand, makes the optimal digital workspace for Mobinergy.

The nice thing was that I could choose my laptop in advance, regardless of the operating system. I also received a welcome email from Okta to my personal email account before my first day. Via an attached link, I simply activated my Okta account with my "Mobinergy user name".

On the first day itself, everything went very smoothly. Switch on the device, log in, enroll and get started. There was no waiting around for an IT person to install the many different applications, set up VPN tunnels, set up Outlook, apply for any missing permissions and later set up my mobile phone. I'm sure some of us have already had this experience. On the first day of work, you sit next to the IT person and wait until everything is set up.

Here it's different and DIY. In detail it looked like this.

Via a personalized link to my email address, I had to verify myself once again and then received direct access to the digital workspace of VMware, Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. In this hub, I found all the apps relevant to me and was able to install them on my device without any problems.

Outlook, Office365 Suite, Sharepoint and the other programms were already pre-configured for me and ready for immediate use.

I was also able to integrate my private iPhone with Mobinergy without any problems in just a few steps in order to get PIM (Product Information Management) functionality and to be able to access my company e-mails. In addition, I use my iPhone for multi-factor authentication.

With the app "Lookout for work", I protect my iPhone against current phishing, application, device and network threats. and thus ensure mobile security in the company.

All these steps take no more than an hour! After one hour, I was also immediately connected with all my colleagues from Germany, England and France and could start right away.

It's nice to see that, despite the distance, you get closer through the use of shared media and grow together into a big green team. And regardless of whether I work from home or in the office in Munich, I always have secure access to all data and all apps.

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