Mobinergy and students: the story of the confidence – Give a Chance! Give a Future!

Jul 1, 2021 2 min read
Mobinergy and students: the story of the confidence – Give a Chance! Give a Future!

Student Testimony of a work-study student at MOBINERGY.

Giving a chance

When we first start candidating for companies’ offers, we often find them focus on the experts, but there's also the beginners. They have big dreams, also they have the confidence to go after those dreams because they waiting the chance to prove their skills which they have worked so hard to accumulate. That’s natural.

That’s why many successful companies hire students for internship or apprenticeship. It’s not about the idea of getting one of them, it’s about giving a Chance! Giving a Future! Finding the point they need, to move forward with a new part of their life.


Mobinergy is a great example for a company that gives confidence to young people. At Mobinergy students get big opportunities to prove their skills and also to improve it. As a student, I had the chance to be in this company. In the period of pandemic, I got my internship in the difficult situation thanks to Mobinergy and their confidence. It motivates me to be at this level of confidence.

Also, here we talk about the relationship they build with the students. They give us the opportunity to grow up with them, and this point is very important for us. The power of this idea is a key for a great future. They influence a new generation to work hard and achieve excellent results.

One Team Spirit

At Mobinergy, we are working with all the team - the team is cool, gorgeous and helpful - we learn how to be professional, by the way are getting the information directly! The point here is how to get a student with academic mindset and put her or him in a team whose had already the professional skills - that’s easy at Mobinergy. On my first day I found myself talking with the team, the internship supervisor. The professional work and the respect of work by itself is a space for working hard with pleasure to get excellent results.

I consider myself very lucky to work for Mobinergy. I have been encouraged and supported to take on more challenges and can honestly say I am never bored!

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