KB - Reboot Device Command on Windows

Nov 22, 2022 2 min read
KB - Reboot Device Command on Windows

When managing a Windows device, the Reboot Device command triggers a reboot within 5 minutes. is there a way to shorten the time frame?

I have been asked this question from on of our customers. Let's answer this!

To deep dive the Reboot Device command behavior, I need:

  • A Windows 10/11 device managed by Workspace ONE.
  • The SyncML Viewer tool on the device to show in real time all SyncML xml-based representation protocol information.

Let's investigate

  1. On Windows 10/11 device, download and launch SyncML Viewer:
  1. Initiate Reboot Device command from Workspace ONE UEM Console:
  1. Back to the device, the Reboot Device command has been executed successfully. In the same time, we can also observe some SyncML Representation Protocol Stream:
  1. Reboot Device command use the Reboot configuration service provider (CSP) and more precisly, ./Vendor/MSFT/Reboot/RebootNow node:
  1. Based on Microsoft documentation:

RebootNow triggers a reboot within 5 minutes to allow the user to wrap up any active work.


As Reboot Device command is based on Microsoft Reboot CSP, a Workspace ONE UEM Administrator cannot change this default behavior.

One more thing

As a workaround, my advice is to use the new Workspace ONE UEM script capabilities:

Tested successfully with Workspace ONE UEM in version and Windows 11 Pro in version 22H2

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more tips like this one !

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