Lookout - Enable Phishing and Content Protection with Secure DNS

Jun 8, 2022 2 min read
Lookout - Enable Phishing and Content Protection with Secure DNS

For several years now Lookout has been securing your mobile devices against threats related to phishing and malicious content.

Initially, Lookout acted as a local VPN that analyzed all the flows as well as the links that were received by SMS or others.This feature could have some limitation, in case if your company needed to use a corporate VPN to access internal resources.Indeed, it was not always possible or simple to make the two cohabit.

Good news, it is now possible to use Lookout's secure DNS service instead of the current VPN.

This configuration can be deployed by group, so it is possible to have a group using the VPN configuration and another one using the DNS configuration.

Here are the steps to activate it:

1 - Log in to the Lookout administration console.

2 - Click on** Protections**.
3 - Click on the Phishing and Content Protection tab.
4 - Make sure you are situated on the desired group.
5 - In the Deployment Type section, check Secure DNS and uncheck On-device VPN.

6 - Click on Save at the bottom of the page.
7 - That's all folks.....

Not really but almost. Your devices will receive a notification inviting them to activate this feature. Due to the design of the OS (iOS and Android) this step is necessarily manual.So be careful about your communication beforehand so that your users know what to do.

Here are the example on an iOS device :

And it's done !

You've just seen how to avtivate Lookout Secure DNS on your Devices.

Thanks for reading us, stay tuned for more conent !

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