The digital workplace – Door opener to the New Work

Jul 5, 2021 2 min read
The digital workplace – Door opener to the New Work

The willingness to invest in digital solutions is higher than ever before - especially among small and medium-sized enterprises. But how to tackle/approach this topic with all the options and the variety of providers? We at Mobinergy have the necessary know-how to guide you through the non-transparent and confusing jungle of solutions and design the best digital workplace for you.

VMware with a new Captain

A new era started for VMware in 2021. After years of brilliant and audacious management led by Pat Gelsinger, Rangarajan Raghuram has been appointed as the new CEO of VMware. Rangarajan has had an amazing career at VMware – from Product Management to COO – and holds now all the keys to drive VMware forward in this new era.

And figures are showing the transformation in action: during its last fiscal year VMware got closer than ever to subscription heaven with 11 billion $ revenue switching from a traditional licenses model to a subscription model (17%+ of the revenue today).

Of course, beyond numbers, VMware will keep on pushing the vision “any Apps, on any Device, on any Cloud” and to design build and deliver the magic Mobinergy is here as your favoured Digital Workplace partner. Contact us.

Exodus and the man behind “everything-security”

Security is one of the reasons Exodus migration tool was chosen by Banks, Telcos, Governmental organisations, Pharmaceuticals and many other corporations across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Today, meet another key figure in the success of Exodus.

Damien is our very own Gandalf: “You shall not pass!”, except when it’s safe. With this guiding principle, Damien ensures that our cloud-based solution delivers a state-of-the-art security level, keeping our infrastructure, console process and apps safe to use and administrate.

You have a migration project and need to do it fast, in a cost efficient and timely manner while keeping all your users happy?
You are a partner and want to resell the solution?

Mobinergy introduces: Julia - Business Development Manager

We find a suitable solution for everything! With this spirit, Julia has been supporting our Green Team since May. Before her parental leave, Julia worked as a management consultant in Germany. So she knows what it's like to work in a complex environment and does not dread new challenges.

Julia's many years of experience in process management help her tackle ideas and tasks in a direct way. In the marketing environment, we also benefit from her creative side. Here at Mobinergy, Julia is involved in all topics related to our daily business.

Original tone Julia: "With open and honest communication and a little fun, combined with a structured and creative way of working, you achieve the best results together."

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