Decentralized work - Model of the future

Nov 2, 2021 3 min read
Decentralized work - Model of the future

What does this slogan actually mean? Will location independent work remain in the future? For this to continue to work for everyone, companies must overcome hurdles related to inadequate employee experience, fragmented security and complex processes. But first and foremost, the right technology platform is required – Mobinergy helps you get started.

We reminisce and plan a follow-up workshop

Four weeks have already passed since the Mobinergy "Anywhere Workspace" event. We look back fondly on this successful evening with our customers and product partners and hope that not only we enjoyed it, but also that all participants were able to take away positive impressions and helpful impulses for the further design of their digital workplace. O-Ton of our customer testimonials ...

  • It was a highlight after the time of hardship.
  • The organization and planning were super professional - a well-rounded affair.
  • The presentations provided an insight into what is currently trending on the market.
  • The direct exchange with other people was really good.

Many thanks to all who attended and celebrated 5 years of Mobinergy with us. CASB is a topic that interested many participants. For a more in-depth discussion, we are offering a CASB Tech Workshop together with our product partner Lookout. The virtual event is scheduled for 12/11/2021, from 10 a.m – 12 p.m. Please let us know till 05/11/2021 if you would like to attend.

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VMworld 2021 – Best of EUC

As you probably know, VMworld 2021 took place in October and provided another great opportunity to engage with the entire VMware ecosystem. You can find all the announcements at a glance here. Maybe you haven't had the time to catch up on the EUC front yet. That's why we've selected three interesting news items worth reading for you:

1) Chip-to-Cloud PC Management with Intel vPro and Workspace ONE

2) VMware Workspace ONE Employee Essentials

3) VMware SaaS App Management from BetterCloud

If you want to learn more or ask questions about VMware EUC, feel free to contact the GreenTeam. Take the opportunity to discuss the future of UEM and Modern Management with us.

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Lookout CASB - secure your applications and data from endpoint to cloud

In a modern work environment, we rely on cloud services to collaborate with colleagues, partners or customers. It no longer matters where we work or what device we use. Collaboration in the cloud means your data goes wherever it needs to go. But all of that may be out of your control and you may lose track of it.
With Lookout CASB ...

  • you always know what data you have, where it is, and how it's protected.
  • you detect and eliminate cyber threats.
  • you know the security posture of your clouds.
  • you protect yourself from shadow IT.

Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker gives you a complete insight into your cloud applications and data - so you get full visibility and control. Don't put your data at risk anymore! With Lookout CASB, you are optimally positioned for all future security challenges - from the endpoint to the cloud.

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Mobinergy introduces itself: Cristina - EMEA Sales Operations Manager

Hola! Cristina manages all of Mobinergy's back office sales from the UK. She joined Mobinergy in April 2018 and was our first UK employee. Cristina spent 10 years in the hospitality industry before moving to VMware and was responsible for VMware Airwatch and Workspace ONE license renewals until 2018.

After 2 years in the VMware world, Cristina wanted to "sign on" with a smaller company and was happy to soon call Mobinergy her new home. Cristina is an avid runner and swimmer and lovingly takes care of not only her own but also the Mobinergy Family.

When time allows, she enjoys her true passion, traveling. And what sets Cris apart: She can inspire people and discuss any topic in 5 languages she speaks fluently. Wherever you are in Europe, Cristina and the whole Mobinergy team are happy to have a coffee with you! Invite yourself:

About the whole team

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