ChromeOS Flex: The OS to re-use, manage and secure them all.

Feb 24, 2023 2 min read
ChromeOS Flex: The OS to re-use, manage and secure them all.

The ecological impact of our IT equipment is a major issue:

How to limit electronic waste & increase their lifespan.

What solution do we have when our computer park is no longer powerful/obsolete or not eligible for security updates.

ChromeOS flex is an interesting solution to reuse and modernize your PCs and Macs with a cloud-first experience, granular management in a fluid and secure environment.

It’s Easy and Fast to switch, just few minutes:

ChromeOS Flex will replace the native OS on your machine by including all the benefits of the ChromeOS solution.

Minimum device requirements:
Architecture: Intel or AMD x86-64-bit compatible device
Internal storage: 16 GB
Bootable from USB drive

Add Chromebook Recovery Utility extension in Chrome Browser to create a bootable USB/SSD drive (a network solution exists) Here

Welcome to your new Chrome OS Flex device.

Google created a list of certified machines (400+ devices certified, the list (link) continues to grow up), but not only.

It's up to you to test.

Manage and Secure your ChromeOS Flex device.

ChromeOS Flex can be easily enrolled on your Google Admin Console and become an integral part of your fleet: (Chrome Enterprise Upgrade or Kiosks & digital signage license is required).

You will be able to manage and secure your devices with the same management policies (500+) and security on the entire fleet with for example :

  • Forcing rewrite
  • Allow or not the formatting (powerwash)
  • Impose a connection with a Pro address
  • Block external storage devices
  • Allow guest mode or not
  • Pre-configure WiFi networks
  • Manage or block the update schedule
  • And More (+500 rules availables)

Note: Some features are not included with ChromeOS Flex: Play Store & Android App for exemple. here

Where can we use them :

A machine on ChromeOS flex can meet several use cases like :

  • Kiosk Mode (locked to an App/Url/Pwa)*
  • Digital Signage (url/pwa/cms)*
  • VDI access (Kiosk mode)*
  • Self-service Devices (Managed Guest Session)
  • ContactCenter
  • and More.

Specific license available for these two modes.

ChromeOS Flex is a great opportunity for businesses and schools to recycle and modernize machines that have outlived their usefulness or are slow to operate, the solution improves machine fluidity and user experience around the cloud, implementation is done in minutes with granular management capability via Google Console Admin. You get all the benefits of using a cloud-first solution in a secure environment while having a positive environmental impact, extending the life of your machines and reducing the cost of operating and managing your fleet.

Note that our team offers Bootcamps to prepare for the Google ChromeOS Professional administrator certification.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more content !

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