Block macOS 12 Monterey update using Workspace ONE UEM

Oct 29, 2021 2 min read
Block macOS 12 Monterey update using Workspace ONE UEM

In the world of OS updates it has always been the case that many IT departments often need more time for testing and user acceptance before allowing a rollout of updates. Often only updating to a test group and disallowing the update on the majority of devices while testing can happen.

In this quick tip we have a method to stop macOS 12 Monterey from updating on your devices.

Using workspace one and a restriction profile we can tell the OS that the paths to the update locations are blocked thus achieving a blocked update that allows the current OS version to continue updating.

How to proceed :

Login to your workspace one UEM console  and navigate to:

Devices \ Profiles & Resources \ Add \ macOS

Select Device Profile

Create you Profile name and add an Assignment Smart Group to target your devices.

Create a Custom Settings profile

Copy the profile XML and paste the following into the profile adjusting as required  

Enter the following text :

<string>Software Updates Deferral Policy</string>
<key>PayloadVersion</key> <integer>1</integer> <key>forceDelayedMajorSoftwareUpdates</key> <true /> <key>enforcedSoftwareUpdateMajorOSDeferredInstallDelay</key> <integer>30</integer>
<key>forceDelayedSoftwareUpdates</key> <true /> <key>enforcedSoftwareUpdateMinorOSDeferredInstallDelay</key> <integer>7</integer>

Adjusting integer for "enforcedSoftwareUpdateMajorOSDeferredInstallDelay" will change the days the defer will be in place. Maximum is 90 days.

Adjusting "enforcedSoftwareUpdateMinorOSDeferredInstallDelay" will delay Minor updates for up to

Save and publish the profile and the macOS 12 update will be blocked for those devices until you are ready to allow them to update.

This little magic trick gives you complete control over the update cycle of your macOS fleet.

XML sourced from rterakedis at the following link

Stay tuned for more tips.

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