Airlift Hands-On Lab - Part 1

Mar 18, 2022 3 min read
Airlift Hands-On Lab - Part 1

The purpose of this series of posts is to explore and use Workspace ONE AirLift into a Lab environment to migrate devices, applications, and policies (GPOs) from ConfigMgr and Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) to Modern Management with Workspace ONE.

Table of Content:

Part 1 - AirLift Introduction and Diagram Overview. [You are Here]
Part 2 - Servers and Computer Global Configuration. [Click here]
Part 3 - Active Directory Configuration and Domain Join. [Coming Soon !]
Part 4 - Hard Disks Configuration and prerequisite Sources Preparation. [Coming Soon !]
Part 5 - Roles and Features Installation. SPN Creation. [Coming Soon !]
Part 6 - SQL Server, SSRS and SSMS Installation. [Coming Soon !]
Part 7 - WSUS Installation and Configuration. ADK And WinPE Installation. [Coming Soon !]
Part 8 - ConfigMgr prerequsisites: System Management Container creation, AD Schema Extension and Database Creation. [Coming Soon !]
Part 9 - Installation, Overview and Update of ConfigMgr. [Coming Soon !]
Part 10 - ConfigMgr Configuration: Discovery methods Activation, Boundaries creation, Software Center personalization, VLC app configuration. [Coming Soon !]
Part 11 - Airlift Installation, Configuration and Overview. [Coming Soon !]

1 - Introduction

Welcome everyone, I am pleased to introduce you to a new series of posts. This time I am focusing on how to set up a full Airlift Hands-On Lab with the integration of an ADDS and an SCCM/MECM environment. This series will consist of 11 complete articles guiding you through the implementation of VMware Workspace ONE AirLift. And from this article onwards, we'll see you every week on Wednesday at 2pm (Paris time) to discover the rest ! Let's start !

2 - VMware Workspace ONE AirLift Description

First of all, let's explain what is VMware Workspace ONE AirLift.

Workspace ONE Airlift is a tool that simplifies the transition from traditional PC Lifecycle Management to modern management with Workspace ONE UEM. More specifically, Workspace ONE AirLift bridges administrative frameworks between Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager - Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), Active Directory, and Workspace ONE UEM.

Workspace ONE AirLift communicates with Microsoft Active Directory for group policy rationalization and migration to Modern Management. AirLift can also interact with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) for application rationalization and migration to Workspace ONE UEM.

Workspace ONE AirLift provides the following features and functionality:

  • Monitors enrolment progress and modern management activity.
  • Syncs between ConfigMgr and Workspace ONE UEM.
  • Enables mapping between ConfigMgr device collections and Workspace ONE UEM smart groups.
  • Facilitates application rationalization and migration from ConfigMgr to Workspace ONE.
  • Facilitates Windows 10 Group Policy rationalization and migration from Active Directory to Workspace ONE UEM.
  • Creates ConfigMgr deployments to enable Workspace ONE device enrolment.
  • Provides detailed logs.

For the rest of this Hands-On Lab, I am going to use:

  • AirLift to mention Workspace ONE AirLift.
  • ConfigMgr to mention either SCCM or MECM.
  • AD to mention Active Directory Domain Services.

3 - Lab Setup Overview

Please find below an overview of the starter architecture needed for this lab.

Keep in mind that during all this Hands-On Lab, I am going to update gradually the below architecture diagram.

4 - Prerequisites

For this Hands-On Lab, I assume that you already:

  • Installed and set up pfSense.
  • Installed a Vanilla Windows 10 (describe as Desktop in the above architecture diagram) into LAN network with correct hardware configurations.
  • Installed a Vanilla Windows Server 2019 (describe as Domain Controller in the above architecture diagram) into LAN Network with correct hardware configurations.
  • Installed a Vanilla Windows Server 2019 (describe as ConfigMgr in the above architecture diagram) into LAN Network with correct hardware configurations.

If needed:

5 - Conclusion

Here is the end of the Part 1 for this series of posts. In this post we have seen an Overview of the Airlift Lab.

See you in Part 2 to continue the configuration.

Table of Contents
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